Monday, April 18


It really is amazing how ur body reacts to stress (at least i hope it was the stress).

i messed up at work...and didn't realize my mistake until kinda late...not too late, but it was late.  I didn't stress out over it too much on Friday and Saturday, but last nite, i was a slight basket case and well this morning before i went downstairs - WHOA!!

one of the things that happens to me normally, when i'm nervous or anxious about anything is that i get cold - it's quite funny actually - it could be 100 degrees and i would be freezing my ASS OFF!!  so put that together with my normal unsteadiness (heightened with cold) and u can just imagine what u get.  I mentioned before that i think i may be getting worse (hopefully it's all in my mind); funny thing is that i only notice it during the week when i'm working.  On the weekends, i'm okay but during the week, not so much.   Am I stressed out at work?  No..not until now!  so this morning, i was just a righteous mess...

of course, i'm hoping that it was because i was stressing over the fallout at work and nothing more!

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  1. Hang in there! You're a champ, just knock this out as you know you can!