Tuesday, April 19


i'm breathing a sigh of relief...things weren't as bad as i orignally thought they were, so everything's well with the world again.

i started physical therapy this morning.  I was going last year and then i don't remember what happened, but i stopped going - started back this morning.  This place was recommended by the MS Sociey of GA so i'm hopeful (i know that there can be no guarantees).  Things went well; we'll see how it goes this time around.  it'll be 1 hr sessions each time - havent decided if i will go once or twice weekly yet.  she did her evaluation and as usual i tested well.  I have noticed that all my muscles when tested individually work really well and are always strong. 
  • they push down on my knees and tell me to push up and vice versa? done
  • pull up on my feet and tell me to resist and vice versa?  no problem
  • in a seated position, they try to close my legs while i push out?  piece of cake etc etc
Put all the muscles to work together and take 3 steps and that's when everything goes to shit!  oh goody!
anyhoo, so this is the 1st day of many more to come, and as i said - i'm hopeful, so we'll see...

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