Tuesday, April 5

Speak No Evil

When i started working at the bank, i was in a banking center.  I worked at many centers and they were all extremely busy.   Whenever things slowed down a bit, it was taboo for anyone to utter those words, "it's kinda quiet in here" or "today's been really slow"....ultimately if someone uttered those words, the "Nationsbank bus" would pull up and let loose hoards of customers...

I've been avoiding this for a while now - for fear that it might actually come true/be true...

I think my walking is getting worse.  

It'll be 12 months on Tysabri on Friday; it's working i s'pose - no additional scarring on my brain - altho, i haven't had an MRI on my spine since the original one last year, so who knows what that might show when i go for 1 this year (i'm assuming that i'll be sent to get 1).

Quite frankly, things are (feel) worse during the week than on the weekend - go figure!  I'm still trucking, but i still hate having MS too!

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  1. is there anything less severe what would u have chosen? ROMS