Friday, April 8


i always find it funny when other people can make jokes about my situation.  So i mentioned that i gave blood the other day.  It was a blood drive sponsored by the bank, so i'd emailed the coordinator 2 days prior with a couple questions (i'd never met the man before).  I walk into the room where they've set up and when i signed in, (same fella happened to be the one with the sign in sheet) he said to me, ur name is familiar...have we met?  So i told him that i'd emailed him a few days ago, bla blah blah...we engaged in ah lil small talk and i went on my way.

When i was done, i said goodbye to everyone and started my trek to the car (i swear that it was a 8 mile walk to the car)!  Now, whenever I'm walking (esp if it's a tight space) and i hear someone behind me, I move to the side so that i don't keep back anyone.  So...i heard someone coming up behind me, so i just moved over so that the person could go was the same guy and as he walked by, he said, "boy Stacey...u not going to be winning any races or setting any records there huh!"

Now someone else might have been offended/get their panties all in a bunch - i thought it was funny as hell!  I laughed and i laughed hard!  As it turns out, we were heading to the elevator and he ended up having to wait on me to get to it :-)

i always appreciate a good laugh/sense of humour.

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  1. I'm glad you lol, but he not apart of de Limerz Crew, so he doh get ah free pass.