Tuesday, April 26


i hope that a good Easter was had by all; i had a good one myself.  It wasn't a rough Lent, but i tell you, i couldn't wait to sink my teeth into some meat.  In fact, can't wait to go to Eclipse to dig into some Veal Osso Buco and lamb meatballs that they put on the menu duuring Lent - mmmhhhmmhhmmm.  Everytime i went during Lent, i had to just hang on to the aroma emanating from others' plates and imagine how both dishes taste.

i mentioned last week that i started going back to physical therapy.  Well this morning was the 2nd session and again, it went well.  The therapist had to walk me to my car though because had i walked on my own, i probably would still be trying to get to the car.  It always amazes me (altho i am NOT asking any questions and just running with it) that when walking, i am a righteous mess, but put me behind the wheel of my car and smooth sailing.  NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!!!!  i swear if that is ever taken from me, I'm not sure what i would do.  I've said this before, i'll say it again - in my car is the 1 place where i feel like i'm on a level playing field with everyone else and i can take on ANYONE, ANYTIME (and i will win).

Anyhoo, i got home, got out of the car, took 2 steps to the door and fell right outside the front door.  it wasn't a bad fall - in fact, it was one of those times when i just said, "fuck it, i'll just take this tumble and move on." i didn't try to fight it.

I'm inside safely and SITTING; will try to keep the movements to a minimum today :-)


  1. Doh stress it girl. Worst case, I go drive yuh around.


  2. So good to see you at church on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised, and as you noticed, I was so moved to be giving you Jesus (Holy Communion), I almost lost it. I was expecting to bring you the Sacrament in your seat, and it was good to see you walk to the Altar Rail. I also had no idea you were still driving. You are truly courageous, a phenomenon that will help you to deal with your challenges. God bless you tremendously!
    Fr. Brian

  3. thanks Brian! i didn't kneel because i was afraid of getting back up - that's for sure!

  4. thank God for that strength sweety, thank God for that strength. We may never know just how you feel, but that you for trying to help us all understand.