Friday, April 29

NEVER a Dull Moment!!!

indulge me...this post might be a bit long.

So, i had yesterday and today off.  As it turns out, the reason that i took the days off fell thru and last nite i was in 2 minds about whether or not i would go to work today.  In the end, good sense prevailed and i decided to keep the off day and sleep in (i didn't have anything pressing that i had to go in for).  The last thing i did before i went to sleep was turn the volume of my phone OFF.  There's a reason for this.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that the ONLY thing that will actually get me up when i'm sleeping is my ringing cell phone and for reasons known only to God and herself, G2 ALWAYS calls me on my days off when she gets to her desk in the morning.  Last nite I said to myself, "Self, the last thing u want in the morning is to have to wake up by the sound of a ringing phone with G2 at the other end asking y u aren't logged on even though she knows that u are off." so what did i do?  i turned off the volume on my phone!

so i'm sleeping blissfully this morning - not even dreaming, fus (it was such) it was a good sleep - and all if a sudden i hear the doorbell; not once, but about 7 or 8 times in succession.  so of course, i jump up and i'm thinking "WTF!!  who the hell is that and y the ass are they ringing my bell like that??!!??"  i have to say here, that usually, i don't answer my bell - if someone is coming over, i usually know that they're coming and i'm expecting them - so naturally this morning, i was a little alarmed.  I looked out my window to see if i recognised the car, and lo and behold what did i see?  a fire/alarm emergency vehicle!  so now, i'm a little more than alarmed, trying to figure out what the ass was really going on!  i got my phone, looked at it and realised that i had 4 missed calls, 3! of them from G, so i called her back and asked her if she knew why there was an emergency vehicle parked outside the door.  That is when she informed me that apparently the Life Alert button had gone off (!) and they were trying to get in touch with me.  She was on her way home, K was on her way over and they told the Life Alert people that 1 of them would arrive soon to unlock the door.  She said that she was hoping NOT to get a ticket fus she was speeding to get to the house and was trying NOT to think about what she would find when she got home.  At this point,  i think more because i was jarred awake than anything, i could barely stand and really did not want to go all the way downstairs to tell the man at the door that it was a false alarm, so i called back the Life Alert people and asked them to please tell whomever was downstairs to leave because it was a false alarm.

Toward the end of all the explanations and phone calls (K2 and S were already getting ready jes in case they had to go to the hospital, so we had to call them to tell them that everything was alright), who should call but G2 - calling just to chat not knowing ALL the drama that she started.  when i gave her the story, she told me that she'd actually thought about calling at 4:30 this morning when she got up to watch the kiss meh ass wedding, but had a change of heart!!!!!!  see?  i know her so well, that i KNEW that there was a chance of her calling!!!

All in all, everyone had a good laugh after realizing that i was safe and there was no need for concern but now, i have to try to figure out a way to NOT set off the stupid thing when i'm asleep or maybe just NOT turn off my phone.  Better fete, G2 needs to NOT call me in the mornings on my days off so i won't have to turn off the volume to avoid her damn call!


  1. I LOVE the explanation of 'fus'!!!

  2. Listen...if you would jus dedicate de dam home phone for emergency purposes and keep your cell phone for personal calls such as MINE...this would not be an issue!!!! hmpf G2

  3. LOL well at least you know you are loved! I think we all have a G2 in our lives in one respect or another....

    I work in a job that doesn't allow me to turn off my phone bleh! AND I have to carry a pager just in case they can't reach me by phone... I hate that crap

  4. @Sherri - u're right i know that i am loved!
    it sucks that u have to be at their beck and call at all times, but i guess we do what we have to do eh!

  5. Ahm, G2, if you would just NOT call on the days off, then you won't cause all this drama!!!! All kinds of chaos going on all around you and Stacey, and the 2 of you were just blissfully unaware!