Wednesday, April 6

Size DOES Matter

so yesterday i went to give blood...i've spoken about being a blood donor before, the diameter of the needle is (--) that big; the needle is HUGE (as far as i am concerned).  Anyhoo, when u go to give blood, they swab the area with iodine - wiping(scrubbing) it clean.  the chick yesterday did that and left the iodine on my skin; it's a dark brown liquid like substance.  After all that, she had no problems and stuck the needle in with ONE shot - NO PROBLEMS, normEl, normEl.  The blood flowed with no issues and i was actually done in 10 minutes!!!

I am convinced that the size of the needle makes a helluva difference; i doh care what the professionals think/ MUST be the size of the needle.  Y is it that when i go for my infusion, my veins don't corporate??? they play the "i don't want to come out and lime" or "catch me if u can" games AND my blood never flows; in fact, recently, the lady had to use a syringe to plunge and draw the blood out of me!!!!!  i think the veins see that "blood donor" needle coming and jes boil down like bhaji (settle/calm right down).

I'm a pint low...go easy on me :-)

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