Thursday, May 1

Lent and...

It's over and I failed miserably. I ended up forking over $ - was it really "miserable"? Definitely was a failure!  There's something about cussing - sometimes, it really drives your point home and is completely necessary!  One of the most painful things that I (and one or two people close to me) have had to endure is a cane falling on my toe/foot - seriously, it hurts like hell. Once or twice, it happened during lent...I screamed out the "F" bomb and then when it occurred to me that I wasn't supposed to b cussing, I'd say,"shit!". So right there I'd hadda give up .50c one time. STEUPS!!! Anyway, it's done so I can cuss freely now if I choose - and I choose :-)

The other night I dreamt AGAIN! UGH! This time tho, I was at an Expo of sorts on my scooter and for some reason, I got off to go do something.  When I got back, it was COMPLETELY stripped. All that was left was the shell (it wasn't like my actual scooter so "they" were able to take parts and leave back a shell) wheels, no seat, no cup holders, NOTHING. I had the shell.  I couldn't believe it!  I woke up soon after - I think - but that in itself was a FRIGGIN NIGHTMARE!!  lol I eh go lie, I've actually had a thought of driving it to my car, leaving it parked in the deck and heading out but that was a fleeting thought and something that I'll never ever do. If I'm feeling out of sorts and I'm by myself, I'll just stay in.  I'm not sure what I'll do if I get back and it's not in the same spot - just thinking bout it makes me ill! you were, I gone so!



  1. I can always count on you for a good laugh, and a bit of insight into life. I'd tell you though, when you wrote "it was COMPLETELY stripped", I first read "I was COMPLETELY stripped". I used to get that one all the time and would dream myself running all over the place to hide. The I'd wake up in a cold sweat. Now I've correctly read what you wrote as "IT" not "I". Oh well, I had a vision for a moment :-)

    1. LOL…yes i've had that dream in the past too…dreams!! who needs them!