Wednesday, May 7

Scooter is...

a "problem"? - **GASP!!!**

This year, I'll b here for Atlanta carnival on Memorial Day weekend.  I was actually thinking of going somewhere (last year I went home) but u know what they say bout the best laid plans so...when I realized that I'd be here, I had to make a decision. To go on the road or to not go on the road???

Hmmmm 2 years ago, about 3/4 way thru the route, the scorching sun and glorious heat started taking a toll on my body and my fingers started slipping off the scooter controls - that's when G started driving and...well...remember what happened??? Lol. Do I want to put us thru that again?!? Well, barring that I can go on the truck - I've done that many times before (Miami, DC)...I can more than do it right here in Atlanta. I feel like doing that this year? Quite frankly, I don't really think the parade in Atlanta is that great so...but I am a carnival jumbie so I decided that what the heck, I'll do it...but then I started thinking..."Uh oh. What about the scooter?" The DJs are okay with me on the truck...but the scooter??? I can't leave it behind cuz we hadda get from wherever we park to the band so I'll need it. It's bad enuf that they'll hadda haul my ass up on the truck but now I'll hadda ask them to haul the scooter up too? (If there's even room for it!)

I decided against it. I don't feel like asking anyone to put me and my motorbike (yes.  OB calls it that sometimes- LOL) on their truck. So for the first time in how much ever years (ever since I discovered Atlanta carnival?), I'll b liming, drinking (INSIDE A HOME), waiting "patiently" for everyone to reach back after everything done. I hope I make it.

You'll see how well I handled sometime next month when I write that post!  Lol!