Tuesday, May 29

Atlanta Carnival in Review

well...who woulda thunk it...atlanta carnival turned out to be GREAT!!  i must say, i was hoping for a good time but my expectations were low and the weekend turned out to be a fantastic one.... now of course, the story.  it just wouldn't be normal if i didn't have at least one story to tell - and guess what, we can't directly blame the MS altho it was its fault.

i think i mentioned that we were in a band - i don't remember the last time that i was even remotely interested in Atlanta carnival, far less for playing in a band but this year since K was involved, we decided to go for it.  You all know that the last few times i've been in a band i've been on the truck (see Miami and DC) but since i've discovered the scooter, i decided to get a scooter for the road.  well!  i won't go into a whole lot of detail about the trials of our getting the scooter into the car but suffice it to say that we were a little late actually meeting the band because of it.

so we rolling down the road and all is well - quite frankly i think the scooter was one of the biggest hits of the road- i don't have pics yet but i will post as soon as i get them.  anyhoo, so at some point i don't remember who i was messing with and doing, but i hear G saying, "foot/foot" but u have to understand music was blasting - i had no idea what she was saying.  i figured out after that i was stopped on top her right foot!!  oops...so i rolled off, but she was limping a little for a while after that!! 
Again, rolling along minding my own business, when she jumps in front of me and it destoys her left foot!  in fact she has big cut where it hit her.  so...u know it! more limping again. 

so after i'm not sure how long - the route was long (not sure how long we were out there but it was a long time) and the sun was HOT!  i loved it and got burned; i'm nice and chocolate right now, but remember heat does a number on MS patients.  what happens to me is that my limbs get real, real heavy, so needless to say driving the scooter wasn't as easy as when i started so G took over.  I mean we're used to that right?  HAH!  well yes, but...

well!  at some point, we were bending a corner on a slight hill and the next thing i knew is that we were doing my normal - eating concrete!  DOWN WE WENT (scooter in tow)!!  LOL!!!  i remember sneaking a peek and feeling so happy because she was also down on the ground; it's always just me that i was happy i had company this time :-)  of course the difference was that as soon as she hit the gound, she was up but my ass stayed there - the MS+HOT pitch= Stacey not moving an inch!  no biggie tho because alot of people saw and came to our/my rescue including an EMT who was parked in his ambulance right behind us!  in fact after checking to make sure that we were alright he said, "well u picked the perfect place to fall - right in front of us".  G has 2 bruises on her thigh from the fall (i have nothing; I'm used to it) and needless to say, she could barely walk by the time we got home.

GREAT/HAPPY/GOOD times...all in all the weekend went really well and as much as we partied and as much as i did, i had no problems whatsoever - now, on to the next one!


  1. Glad you enjoyed!! It was sooooo good to see you scooting around and people jumping up on you and your scooter! ATL carnival 2012 has definitely been a better one than previous.

    1. :-)

      i tell ya...no behavior!! people wining on the scooter was too funny - it really was a hit on the road!!

      Yup, i can actually say that i'm looking forward to next year


    1. Lol!!! Uncle Oliver yuh have it wrong! SHE tried to kill ME.

  3. I'm not buying it.. I've been there in person for too many ATL canrivals to be fooled.


  4. Trust me boss, ATL Carnival was bess this year. It's hard to believe after so many misfires but they finally managed to get it right.