Wednesday, June 6


I went home last weekend.  For those reading and finding this out for the 1st time, doh cuss meh; it was a very short trip and i spent the entire 4 days in my Trincity.  i eh go lie, i was concerned about how the temperature would affect me, but didn't really care.  truth be told, i had thoughts of  "since i'm home, maybe the MS and my body will act right and everything will miraculously disppear".  well - HAH!!!  that sure didn't happen, in fact, instead of being shaky/unsteady (i'm not sure how else to describe) some of the time, i was like that ALL of the time.  oye!  pressha!!!  i didn't let that stop me tho - i had a GREAT time..Trini sweet too bad and my family is a riot!!

I had no falls, but, of course there is a story!  of course, at the end of it all, everybody was laughing, but i tell u...okay sorry, i can't type it all right now, but i'll definitely tell it tomorrow - promise!


  1. so glad you were here and we were able to spend that time with you. arlene