Wednesday, June 27

Anger...It's All About Me

so Learls called me last nite and told me that she got a very "angry vibe" from me in my last post and that i should stop cussin the MS.  Truth be told, I was just telling the story and didn't mean to give off that vibe at all.  I told her that i might have been a little frustrated at the time but definitely not angry and then i thought about it...come to think bout it, at the time i wasn't even frustrated.  In fact, i can think of alot of other times when i was angry or frustrated or even got depressed but this certainly wasn't one of them.

She acknowledged the fact that i can be angry at it, angry at the fact that i have it but at the same time i should remember that we really have nothing (not too much) to complain about.  it's true - i really don't. 
  • Am I grateful for MS?  hell no! I've heard stories of people who are glad that they have it because it made them pause, take stock of their lives, if u will and they are grateful for that.  Am i one of those?  No sirree Bob!
  • Do i wish that i didn't have it?  But of course!  the pills, the monthly infusions, falling all over the place, being worried about falling all over the place, the uncertainty and i can go on...
  • Is it the absolute worst thing that has happened to me?  that is still out for discussion
  • is my case the worst?  NO!
  • is my case really bad?  No - it's bad (in my book) but it's not really bad
  • Should i be thankful for what i have to deal with?  Yes
so...was i angry last week Saturday?  not at all.  is it okay to cuss the MS?  yes...but not all the time or too too often; karma is in fact a bitch!  Saturday was just another ordinary day in the life of Stacey with MS; I was just telling my tale.  I was just going back to the title of the blog: 

Multiple Sclerosis & Me;
MS: Multiple Sclerosis, My Story
(it's all about me)



  1. Well, even you were angry or what! I think everyone has a right to be either or both, with or without MS. Our blogs are often a "safe" place to vent, so I don't see anything wrong with your post even if you were angry. But maybe that's 'cause I have MS too.

  2. We all T&T Love you