Monday, July 2

Conversation on d Boat

i hadda preface this post by giving a little history.  I guess that most people are somewhat curious, so alot of times, i'll be out and about and someone will ask me what happened or what's wrong.  Other times, the question is "did u have foot surgery, or did you hurt your leg?".  when i'm asked those type of questions, my standard answer is, "I wish i had surgery (or was injured) because that would mean that i'll, i have Multiple Sclerosis." and the conversation will either stop there (sometimes, i can tell that the person is a little embarrassed ( maybe because they wished they weren't so fas - not that it bothers me?) or go on.

so...Saturday was a boatride on Lake Lanier.  We are in the middle of a heatwave - the high was 106 degrees, so even though i was feeling somewhat alright (sitting in AC in the car), my body was not.  J carried me to the boat - as the people in the south say, "Bless his heart" because it wasn't a short walk (he actually split the distance in 2 and took a lil rest in between) and then even when we got on the boat, KI took me up the stairs - i'm still a little unsure of how he made that happen.  so in other words, ALL the passengers knew that obviously, there was something "wrong" with me. 

Anyhoo, so we set up my chair and get situated and i'm sitting trying to get cool and this chick comes up to me an introduces herself and the conversation goes like this:

blah blah blah
Chick, "So...did you have back surgery?  what's wrong?"
Me, my standard answer, "no (remember my little history)...I have Mulitple Sclerosis" (I always say the whole thing because i'm not sure how many people actually know what MS is)
chick (really enthusiastically): "Wonderful!!!"  
Me (in my head): eh?  really?? u not serious are u???  out loud: (not a damn thing - good thing too)  I think i was a little taken aback

she then went on to talk about how it was great that i was out and enjoying the boatride and "taking a wine" as only i can and it was refreshing to see that i wasn't letting it keep me back.  oh, okay...thanks :-)  but i just couldn't believe it when the 1st word out of her mouth after being told that i have MS was, "WONDERFUL".  LOL - i had to give her a bligh after she continued.


  1. Gawd girl I hope you didn't her her your "stupid" face.......

    You know how you can be when people talking dotishness


    1. Lol!! I know not of what u speak sir!

  2. Fantastic story.