Thursday, July 19

Ole Talk Thursday

so using the Dragon software is getting better only because i've been using it only to dictate and not to do EVERYTHING else that it's supposed to b able to do.  I have to speak "properly" of course, for it to understand.  Some of us come up here and develop what we refer to as a "fresh water yankee accent" but i cyah/refuse to do that shit, so my "work speak" is much slower that my "lime speak" so that everyone (and now Dragon) can understand me.  it's funny as hell to see what it types when i speak "normal".  i wish i could give a little demonstration here but alas, it's only on my work laptop and i can't use that to create posts anymore.  Yesterday tho, i was typing an email to send to G and S and i thought i was speaking "properly" but u should have seen what it picked up vs. what i actually said.  HAH!!

I've never been embarrassed walking with my cane.  i seem to remember feeling a little self conscious the first few times i used it and not using it all the time (remember this story?  LOL) but never embarrassed ...but i've come to realize that i'd prefer to get out of my car when no-one is around.  it's not that i feel embarrassed, but sometimes it's just not an easy, fluid motion - hardly ladylike or graceful (some may argue that they woulda never use those 2 word to describe me anyway, but that's not the point :-)).  Of course, by the time i get out and start to walk, it's obvious that something is wrong with me, so maybe u can understand y i got out how i did, i'd just rather no-one is around to see.

I've talked about side effects of medication in general and i've spoken about PML (1 of the side effects of Tysabri) but a side effect of 1 of the other pills i'm popping is seizures (happy happy joy joy).  The other night i had a weird experience and by the time i'd thought it thru i'd wondered if i should be concerned about a seizure.  Turns out it was an isolated experience and nothing to be alarmed about - whew!  it still had me kinda thinking tho...

alright that's enuf for today...besides i have a conference call to go and join.  so, allyuh have a GREAT day until next time...


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