Thursday, July 5

a Lil Feel Up - LOL!!

it's kinda funny (now).  the first few times it happened, i was appalled but when i realized that it will happen regardless, me cyah bother be concerned anymore...what can i do?

Almost everyone i "hold on to" to walk with gets a lil feel up of my breastesess - LOL!  so how it works is that i hook my left arm into theirs and walk - well at some point, it almost always happens without fail, that i end up rubbing my boobies against them.  It's to the point now that it's a running joke between KI and me and he'll say something along the lines of, "i think is time for a lil feel up today".

Like i said, the 1st few times it happened, i felt a lil shame/appalled even, but when i realized that it will most probably happen, i just let it go.  I often wonder tho if other people feel bad when it happens.  Maybe the men don't mind - they might feel a little ahow at first but eventually i'm sure they don't mind at all :-)  the women?  i dunno - maybe they feel weird and hope that it doesn't happen again?

so!  if you read this blog and u're ever in a position to walk me anywhere, rest assured that it'll probably happen and it's no big deal!

i mean, wha's a lil feel up between friends :-)

1 comment:

  1. Odd.......I feel as though, I've helped you in the past on one or two occasions and I really don't recall and booby action.

    ...........I feel rather slighted now. Lol