Tuesday, July 3

Nothing is Ever Easy

A few posts ago, i mentioned the Voice Recognition Software.  I spoke to my manger to see what kinda approval i'd need for it to be installed on my laptop.  My intentions were to buy it and do whatever i had to do to get it installed.  Lo and behold, after we did the research, we found out that it's one of the approved applications under the disabilities act for associates, so WOOHOO!!!  i dint have to pay for a thing.  all we had to do was get my doctor to fill out some paper work, wait for me to be assigned a case manager and BOOM!, everything would fall into place.

2 weeks later, the case manager contacted me and asked for my computer name so that Dragon Naturally Speaking software could be pushed to my laptop - things were moving along smoothly.  The next person who contacted me was the tech.  He asked me if i worked from home or if i was in an office.  when i told him that i'm at home, he said that he would try but chances were that i would have to connect directly to the network in a bank location...uh oh...okay, i can make that work.  Now, you have to understand, the last time i got dressed and went to an office was sometime back in 2009 (maybe 2010) i think.  LOL - do i even have clothes to wear to an office???  LOL

Because of my limitations, it's not easy for me to go anywhere willy nilly...i have to make sure the walk isnt' too long, there is connectivity (the last time 1 of my teammates went into an office, she had to turn right around and go back home because there weren't any cubes from which she could work).  Everything has to be just right and be in order the 1st time that i get there (my old office closed down so i really don't have anywhere to go that is a sure thing), I just can't afford for shit to happen so i figured if i go to a branch, i shouldn't have any problems - they have to be in working order!  (for those of you who might be wondering, i work at a bank).

So last week thursday nite, i dig thru my closet and find something to wear the next day.  I woke up extra early Friday morning, got dressed and drove to the Emory banking center (i used to work there so i know the lay of the land.  of course the office that they put me in couldn't be further from the bathroom, but hey!), plugged in and contacted the tech.  He started the installation at 10AM that morning.  At 3:00PM, i got the company license to register and activate my newly installed Dragon Software and got an error message that i was entering the wrong thing.  okay, no problem, i'll copy and paste this time, so no room for error.  what???  it's wrong again?  what the?!?!  i contacted my case manager.  she said, "do u have Dragon 11.5?"  i looked....don't u know the stupid ass man installed 11.0 so now what do i have to do?  find more clothes, haul my ass off to the banking center AGAIN and sit and wait for the 5hr installation of the 11.5 version - STEUPS!!!  Doesn't he know that i have MS and this is all a process???? (and it may not be easy one either)

I guess i should look on the bright side...i am getting it installed and it's all for free - let's not lose perspective here, but is it too much to ask for people to do what they are supposed to do the 1st time around???  fcukin-a!!


  1. It's hard to get good help these days ;)

  2. I'm sorry you had to go through all this just to have to do it all again another day. But as you said, at least it's all for free! and you are getting the software installed. I think it's stupid that they have to revise the software as often as they do, but Oh Well.


  3. and guess what? i had to unistall the wrong version right...that took all of 5 mins!!! 5 hours to install and 5 mins to uninstall - go figure