Monday, July 16

Friday 13th

so i shoulda know better than to go in on Friday 13th to get my installation eh?  i tell u!!!  the story does end well - i finally got the software.  good thing the branch closes at 6 on Fridays because after having to reboot and restart the installation TWICE, it was finally over at 5:39!  i won't get into the story of my using it, but suffice it to say that i was so friggin frustrated with it yesterday that i completely shut down (after bout 2 hours) and went and lime instead.  I made a little more progress this morning with it but i still have far to go.

i going and ole talk for a bit...

saturday morning i woke up, got ready to go to the barber and "trotted" (as only i can trot) downstairs...while sitting having my breakfast, it occurred to me that i didn't have my pills - SHIT!!  so now i have to go BACK up, get them and come BACK down - AGAIN...u have to understand, sometimes when these things happen, they put a damper on my mood because i'm just not sure how i'll function for the rest of the day after all the extra trekking up and down...Steups!   Turns out that all was well for the day but it dawned on me while coming back down that, "ahhah!  i have some extra pill boxes (from the time that i had to order a new "weekly" pill thingamajig so now i actually have 10 cases because i was recycling 3 prior to ordering) so i can have a extra supply on the 2nd floor in the rare instance (it really does happen very rarely) that i forget the pills upstairs.   I've since filled those puppies up and stored them in the kitchen.

Needless to say, i was pleased as punch with myself for having that BRILLIANT idea :-)  anything to save me from walking unnecessarily deserves a pat on the back

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