Tuesday, July 10

Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes

so i've mentioned before that there are times that if i don't laugh i'll cry.  I've also mentioned before that laughing at myself is one of the best ways (that i know how) to deal with some of the situations i find myself in.  Well that also holds true for the people around me too.  Now, as Trinis, we can be crude, insensitive, so non-PC and i can go on...BUT we are also warm, fun loving, the best people to have in ur corner when things go awry.  I was with an American once; it was his first time around Trinidadians and at some point in the relationship he said, "you all are nice people u know, you're just not nice to each other" and sometimes when i hear some of the things we say to each other, no wonder the fella said that.  LOL...anyhoo, thought i'd share 2 jokes with you here.

so, we're on the boat and for whatever reason the water got rough (u have to understand, we were on a bloody lake - ain't no reason for the water to get rough).  I was walking with someone at the time (good thing) and the conversation went like this:

Me: "what the!?!?  wha's all this???  good thing i doh get sea sick normally"
Mello: "sea sick? i cyah believe u could get sea sick...the way you does walk all the time, u eh supposed to get sea sick!"

buh wha d???  someone else may have gotten offended because clearly he was making fun of how i walk, but we laughed and went on with the day...

Here's a conversation that took place between Ari and G:
G: I left my purse next to Stacey downstairs.  If you're getting up, make sure and take it with u
Ari: OK...what about if Stacey gets up?
G:  LOL!!!  LMAO!!! ROFLMAO!!!!
(she never actually said anything, she only busted out laughing like a mad woman at the thought of my getting up - granted it was on the boat as well and i had some challenges but...)

I'm glad that i can provide them with some comic relief :-).  Maybe it's the same for everyone else around me too...if they don't laugh, they'll cry, so hell we ALL laughing and laughing hard!


  1. I'm LOL-ing. Good thing I don't get C-sick either. There be piles everywhere!!

  2. well I missing out on all de jokes..doh worry when you come visit.. we will make up for it


  3. What did the fish say when it swam into the cement wall? DAM!