Tuesday, July 31


this post is way overdue.  I've been meaning to write about this since the MS walk and never got around to it but now is as good a time as any because something else has come up to which the situations is related.

During the time leading up to the MS walk, i sent out emails for donations to raise money for my team.  Of course, i cyah get vex with anybody if they doh feel like donating - i send out the emails and hope for the best.  well i was talking with a friend (we'll call him B) a few weeks before the walk and eventually the conversation came around to the walk itself and he said to me that he got the email, but he wasn't going to donate.  i didn't ask y (because again; u want to donate? cool...u don't want to donate?  cool) but he went on to ask me just how much of the money would actually go to me or patients like me and i really couldn't answer that.  he explained that he preferred to give money to  causes where he could actually "see his money at work" (so to speak) and not to those large societies, corporations etc that might sink the money into research, but the patients see no immediate, real benefit....

Jump to today

the Georgia Caribbean Culture (GCC) committee is going to be having a masquerade ball in my honour in November.  It's going to be a benefit function to promote MS awareness and part of the proceeds will go to the MS Society of GA***wait, wait, wait...i remembered B and thought to myself (selfishly probably), "why should we give the money to the MS Society?  i would much rather if some of the proceeds go to the MSCA"  The place is my 3rd "Cheers"; i'm there every 4 weeks hanging out for 4 hrs "juicing" (term coined by G2), my neuro is there, they are a non-profit organisation and...i can go on.

I'll feel much better working with them on this project than the society - this is my "home"...so i went to a meeting with GCC last nite and told them the new plan.  I left a msg for - who i think is the right - person at MSCA to make it happen (push comes to shove, i'll be there on Friday to juice up).

so!  if u're in the Atlata area on 11/17 and looking for a something to do, lemme know - it's for s good cause :-)


  1. Make sure to send out a reminder when the time comes, I'll try to come out with one of my homies.

  2. Make sure to send out a reminder when the time comes, I'll try to come out with one of my homies.

  3. Fantastic! Great way to raise money! Best, Christie

  4. Thanks for including the link. i had no idea something like that existed. Certainly not here in Louisiana. What do you mean you hang out there juicing for 4 hours?

    1. That's the term we use for my Tysabri infusions :-)
      Yes it's a great place, I was so happy when I finally found it...I reached out to the MS society and asked them for a recommendation of a facility that deals primarily with MS.

  5. I tend to be like your friend and be a bit wary of the huge faceless charities. Not that I never donate that way just feel better when I can see more directly what is being done with donations. Great great idea on the re-direct to your 'juice' bar.