Monday, July 30


most certainly is a bitch!

Friday nite i made a joke about falls happening in 3s...u've heard about the old people saying death occurs in 3s right?  so it was a play on that.  well guess what happened!?!

those MS gods said, "eh heh...u have jokes??  well take dat!!" and I fell TWICE friday nite!!! ah shit!

they were "good" falls - nothing to write home about, but i'm now up to 11.


  1. Hi Stax,
    I found your blog via Herrad's blog.

    What 11 falls may be telling you is that it is time to bite the bullet and get a walker, preferably one with wheels and a seat. You will be glad you did once you have it and are walking safely once again.

    1. thanks for stopping by Webster and ur comment is food for thought, but i'm soooooo not ready to bite that bulllet :-)