Tuesday, May 22

Today's Ole Talk

so a weird thing has started happening (not MS specific but definitely related to the MS - i think).

all of a sudden, i've become somewhat popular - all kinda people talk to me and say hi.  some of my friends have taken to calling me the Godmother of the Stax Mafia - steups.  I keep telling G that i'm the only chick with the cane wherever we go so i might stand out.  if i go somewhere on a regular basis (like where i get my eyebrows done), the people there are going to remember me eventually - they may not know my name, but...

I went to do my toes the other day and honestly, i don't go to this place very very often, but the greeting i got from one of the chicks there took me by surprise.  I mean it's really nice to be remembered but i certainly didn't expect what i got.  in fact, at one point, i said to myself, "wait a min...is she waving at me?"

People who i used to say hi to or nod my head at (or who i din;t even talk to) in our Trini community at are coming up to me and kissing me and talking - it's cool, but a lil odd still.  it's really nice how accommodating people can be [not referring to the inner circle here (they do a whole lot for me] - but just people in general wherever i go - sometimes i'm still surprised.

Anyhoo, so last week Monday or Tuesday i bit the bullet and spoke to my manager about installing Voice Activated Software on my laptop.  i couldn't ignore the fact that sometimes by the end of a day, i can barely type anymore.  I don't always have days of all typing, but typing is a big part of my job - i spend the entire day in Outlook (that's for sure) and those days when i work late, my left hand is almost useless.  today, she sent me paperwork to be completed by my doctor to get that ball rolling.  i'm thinking that it'll be interesting to say the least because a lot of times it's not till i start typing that i actually know what i'm going to say...i'm sure that using it will take some getting used to.

Alright, that's it for today - back to your regular scheduled programme.

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  1. Hey there. My name is Chiroii. I left you a note on another blog but i'd like to email you. I had MS as well, and I never claimed it. God gave me so many answers after prayer I'd love to share some things ive done over the year. a little information never hurts.

    Chi email chiroii@yahoo.com