Monday, May 21

The Weekend Gone and the One Coming

woohoo!  Stacey behaved and did what she was supposed to do. on Saturday.  

Cooler fete was Saturday and the only thing i did for the entire day was go to the barber at 9:00 the morning, so when i got to it, i had all my spoons left :-)  and more left over at the "end" when the cops showed up.  i'm to the point that i may give up cooler fete because it's just not worth my time anymore.  I am seriously convinved that there is a cop in the Dekalb County Police Department whose sole purpose in life is to find the cooler fete flyer every year so that they can come and fcuk it up for all of us.  This year the party was in the middle of NOWHERE and they STILL showed up and shut it down - steups!

this weekend is atlanta carnival and for the first time in a long long time, we will be on the road with a band.  truth be told, i think that as far as carnivals go, atlanta's is crap, but this year i'm willing to give it a chance (we'll see if i'm plesantly surprised).  K is involved with a band so my spot on the truck is booked, but i decided to rent a scooter again so i can be on the road - having MS is an expensive gig! 

is pace right thru from Friday to Sunday.  serious spoon juggling/management to do, so we'll see how things go...