Wednesday, May 9

Things I Hate to Do

since living with this wretched disease, i have developed a dislike of doing some normal, regular, run of the mill things. 

i absolutely DREAD when i have to get on an elevator when there are 3 or 4 in a row. 
  • picture it:  i approach the elevator bank and press the button.  problem is, the buttons are close to the end of the row of elevators and when i press the call button, the elevator at the opposite end is the one that gets there - UGH!!  i NEVER make it to the elevator before the doors close for it to start moving.  of course, i'll have to wait for that one to leave before pressing the button again in the hopes that one closer to me will open.  in fact, 2 days ago, it was the one right in front of me (i can't remember what was going on) and i had to re-press the button to get the doors to stay open. when we were in Vegas, it was happening even when i was on the scooter, but luckily someone else soon came who was able to hold the doors for me. 

i move so slowly that i hate having to come out of a car if it's raining - not torrrential rain, a slight drizzle.
  • i lived at home until i was 19 and i NEVER owned an umbrella.  what do they say about old habits?  i still don't own an umbrella so if i have to get out the car and it's raining and i'm by  myself,  i'm screwed.  i take so long to get out (and walk of course) that by the time i get where i'm going, i'm soaked!  You'd think that i'd buy an umbrella eh?  haven't yet!
i prefer not (i wouldn't say hate) to get in a car on the non drivers side
  • my left leg is weaker, so 6/10 times, i need help to get into the car unless i get in behind the driver. 
i hate getting to a door and realizing that it is a "Pull to Open" and there's no handicap thing to open it automatically
  • opening doors while being a lil unsteady and walking with a cane is jes not an easy thing (for me) to accopmplish
anyway, i'm off my soapbox for today...back to ur regualarly scheduled program...

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