Friday, May 4

My Dream Day

how will my "dream day" be spent...hmmmm...

I will have to thank God for that day - that's for sure!  Can you imagine?  :-)  i think i'll stay up for 24 hrs that day.

after that...well, i will run EVERYWHERE - LOL.  U know how lil children have all dat energy and we just don't understand where they get it from?  well that'll be me on that day.  LOL - there'll be no stopping me.  Of course it goes without saying that my canes will definitely have a day off to rest and rejuvinate.

i think i'll hold my pee until the end of the day - okay,so maybe that's not the best idea, but i definitely won't be going to pee jes because there's an usable, available restroom.

hopefully it's a saturday and there'll be some fete for me to go to.  If not, i will find somewhere and go and "wine an touch meh toe"...oh, if it's a weekday, i'll be calling in that day - fo sho!

It'll be a day FREE of pills and the life alert bracelet (even tho every now and again i have those days anyway).

I think i might run up and down the steps a few times just for the hell of it...what else, what else...I'll be in my glee that's for sure - lol...oh well. 

a gal can dream...

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