Monday, June 25

I Hate AC

i really do...there's nothing better than nice fresh air and blazin hot sun to me. anybody getting into my car will be able to tell who drove it last, me or G. If she was driving, the sun roof is closed and the AC is on as opposed to me; the AC would definitely be off and the sun roof open. well - i know i've said this before- ...nothing could be worse for me now that i have MS. fcukin-a!!! steups!!!! as a result, AC is my best friend.

so on saturday i went for a massage.  i love how my legs look after the massage because of whatever cream/lotion/oils that the chick uses.  they look great - they may not work well, but they look great and...i digress. anyhoo, so afterward, i decided to go to my home away from home/my "Cheers" if u will  for lunch. Unfortunately for me they were having a summer fest in the parking lot later that day so i had to park in a different spot on the other side from where i normally would park.

Now, it took me all of 7 mins to get from the massage place to Eclipse but the problem was that the car was parked in the sun for the hour i was in there, so 90 degrees outside plus blazin sun and the car in no shade, i shudder to think what temp it was when i got in, so of course, 7 mins. later, even with the ac on full blast, the car was still hot...back to the parking spot. It wasn't far but because of where it is, i never use it and so 5 mins later (that's how long it took me to get out of the car, between my hot body and my slick, non working (because of the heat and because whatever the ass the chick uses, i couldn't grab on to them to place them where i needed them) legs, how "happy" was I that there was a small incline to get into the restaurant from there. "GREAT!!!" on the inside there are 2 little steps where the incline is...FCUK! and then to make bad matters worse, on both sides of the incline were bushes and shrubbery - oh boy, this is going to be interesting. I'm happy to report that i made it down the incline with no problems, not even any "touch and go" moments but of course, i was so anxious about everything plus by this time my body musta been 900 degrees, so u know, i could barely continue. Luckily 1 of the waiters came outside right about that time so i asked him to walk me in. By the time i sat down, (acc to one of the waitresses, I'm VIP, so they actually let me sit at the 1st table even tho it seated bout 8 people) i was sweating bucket ah drop and i couldn't take another step even if they paid me to.

I sat, ate lunch, had a drink (i really wanted to be sure that my body was cooled down) and walked out about an hour and a half later. Another waiter said he'd walk me out and i happily obliged because even tho i was ok by then, i still had to walk up the little incline.

Bong to/must/hadda have a story!


  1. I hate it too, but can't live without it in the summer!

  2. more to chalk up to experience, stay Blessed sweetty.

  3. Summer Heat. I'm still waiting for it in Western Washington state. But then when it comes, and it will, I will hate what it does to me. IT's NOT FAIR!!!

    Glad you had a nice waiter to assist you.

    1. "counting down the days" huh. It certainly is NOT FAIR!