Tuesday, June 19

10 Things I Couldn't Live Without

I mentioned a challenge i signed up for and FAILED - a post a day for the month of April.  well i'm cheating a little now - I'm using one of their topics to create today's post...so here goes.  My list of 10 things I can't live without (in no particular order)...

  1. My support groups - the inner circle and the not so inner circle, my family and friends - without them - woe woe woe would be me, i can't even begin to think of what i would do without them. 
  2. ALCOHOL - i'm no alcoholic in fact i like to think of myself as an alcohol lover - to steal a phrase from someone - an alcohol "connoisseur" if you will...but let me tell u, this shit would be so much harder to deal with if i couldn't indulge from time to time
  3. My (AM/PM) pill boxes - I actually just had to order another set of 7 - i always know when i have a good time somewhere because for whatever reason, i come back with fewer than i left with (right now I'm recycling 3!)!  I would not be able to keep up with the pills i need to take daily AND at specific times without them.
  4. speaking of which...the daily pill alarms - what?  U think that because i've been taking them EVERY DAY at the same time that i would remember to actually take them?  NOT!
  5. My canes - God forbid i didn't have those things
  6. My handy dandy handicap decal - nuff said!
  7. Shoes with a small heel - i just don't understand why  the hardest thing that i ever have to do at any given time is walk barefoot OR walk in a flat shoe; it can be quite depressing (not being able to walk barefoot, that is)
  8. A walk-in shower - i was never a bath person but i do remember that when i moved in here, i was a tad bit disappointed that i didn't have a bath tub.  HAH!!  these days i am so, so, so glad that i don't have to deal with stepping over the edge of the bathtub to bathe...ugh!  it would take me so much longer every day just to get ready
  9. My ability to work from home - ugh!  going into an office every single day would just be so difficult for me - i shudder to think
  10. My cellphone - it doesn't grow out of my ear like some people, but i really need to have it with me at all times.  Think about it, when i find myself in those funny situations, i won't be able to pick up the phone and call someone for us to both laugh at myself or be talked "off the ledge" 
There you have it (and i'm sure i can keep going) but...i'm not sure how i would go on without the items on this list, some of course, are just a wee bit more important than others :-)


  1. Cheers on #2! I love wine!

  2. I like to combine #'s 1 & 2, friends with alcohol.