Thursday, June 14

the "Good" Ole Days

went for my infusion on Tuesday...I had to be stuck 4 times! it brought back memories for all of us in the room...
Truthfully, i havent been drinking water like i normally do/should be for the past few weeks, i knew that things might have been tricky.  in fact, it wasn't until Monday nite, i said to myself, "shit, i have an infusion tomorrow - i should have been drinking water for the past week!"  there was a new nurse there too and the older heads let her come to me (poor thing); she didn't stand a chance in hell - she kept apologizing and eventually gave up after the 2nd time.

I also had a follow up appt. with my neurologist.  good news - there is no additional scarring/signs of PML on the last MRI so things are stable.  Unfortunately, Stacey being Stacey took advantage of the fact that i was off the entire day, so i went to the barber and made another doctor's appt that morning so by the time i got in to see him, i wasn't in good shape.  I wasn't the worst i can be, but i was bad enuf that he was concerned.  i told him that by the time my infusion was done, i'd be ok...and of course i was.

On a side note, he opened the exam room door and exclaimed, "oh!  what did u do with your hair?" (remember i'd just come from the barber so it was fresh)  well i still havent answered him because i was in so much shock.  First, he's a man and secondly, he's my doctor who i don't see that often (granted he's seen me with my mohawk already but still) - i couldn't believe it!!!  LOL

oh...P.S - i'm up to 8 falls now.

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