Wednesday, June 13


i know i promised u my story "tomorrow" but allyuh hadda gimme ah bligh, i've been sick like a dog since i came back.  i didn't even work last week THursday or Friday and those who know me well know that i must been rhell sick because i don't like to call in.

so...we decided to go and lime in Bootleggers in Trincity Mall; it's a sports bar.  Problem was that my parents weren't sure which door we should go thru for the shortest walk for me.  OB deposited us at the one nearest the elevator because of course, Bootleggers is upstairs.  Well turns out, that door was about 6 miles from the place - okay, so maybe i'm exaggerating just a tad, but i swear thats how it felt to me :-)  we walked down 1 aisle, then another only to discover that the elevator was OUT OF ORDER - fckin A!!  Did i mention that Trincity Mall is apparently the biggest one in the Caribbean???by this time, my left leg was saying, "oh hell no, u not serious!!" but i kept going.  problem was that Bootleggers was upstairs and the elevator wasn't working....we came up with a plan.  My cousin, AA would go on my left and Learls would be on my right as i board and come off the escalator.  ordinarily i could use an escalator as long as i step on and off with my right foot...well this time since the left foot was already saying, "uh uh, nope i done work" things were  going to be tricky.  getting on was okay, coming off was a little unnerving but we made it.  so now Bootleggers is around the corner.  "around the corner" for normal folk is around the corner, "around the corner" for me sometimes is 2 miles away and that nite, it might as well have been 12!  At that point, the group decided that it was time to take drastic measures and AA held the right leg and Learls took the left and they carried me the rest of the way all the way into the bar.

We got in and had to wait for a few minutes - i sat down during this time to try to get the left foot going again.  Alas, it still didn't feel like working by the time we were to be seated so here we were - a group of people taking 2 steps every hour thru the bar because 1 of them was having problems - at that point OB took to bending down and "walking" the left foot for me.  a fella took pity on us and allowed us to use his booth that was closer and the same size (he was waiting on his party to arrive).  All in all, a good time, but what excitement/drama to get there.

Of course at the end of the nite, since i was sitting for the whole time, i was able to walk out and wouldnt you know it - we discovered a MUCH closer door - will definitely remember that for next time!

Fun times cyah done!!!

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