Tuesday, January 3


was great!  oh what a time we had in Vegas.  I'm back at work as usual, so no big winnings on this trip, i spent way too much money, but that's why i work so hard on a regular basis...but oh what a time!!!

so...a few things...

  • i was able to rent a scooter (a good one too, boy was it fast!) for the entire time that i was there.  those who've been to Vegas will tell u, it's a walking city and there was no way that i could survive without one.  it was the 1st time that i've ever been out and about in a scooter and i noticed that people generally didn't talk to me...is that normal?  hell if i know, but for the entire time, there were about 2 people who actually looked at me in the scooter and asked me if i could walk in their establishment/thru the area/wherever i had to go - they would always ask G "if she can walk..." again, is that normally how the disabled are treated?  dunno but it was somewhat insulting.  "HELLO!!  I'm right here"
  • You "walkers" - LOL - are amazing.  There were quite a few collisions because people were walking and looking EVERYWHERE but where they were going - they walked right into me!  i am used to lying down on my car horn if necessary, didn't realize that i'd have to do so on a scooter as well - CRAZY!!!
  • of course, shit woudn't be normal if i didn't fall.  It only happened once and it was in the hotel room; it really was a "good" fall, but it wouldn't be right if i didn't mention.
  • back to the scooter...G sped us thru a few hotel lobbies one nite because she didn't feel like walking back to the room.  we had a long way to go and it was at the end of the nite, so she hopped a ride - that was fun; scary at some parts but fun! :-)
here's a better one of our faces...we look kinda weird in the top picture...

All in all, we had a great time and now back to the grind, business as usual because all good things have to come to an end.


  1. I'm happy you had a great time! You guys look like this scooter ride was fun

  2. Vegas looks good on ya...and FaceinaBook too.

  3. Fun times, speeding down the hallways and round the corners on the scooter!!!! Ah, Vegas!

  4. glad you all had fun don't worry with those silly people, you never know what is around the corner waiting for you. keep smiling, keep sweet.

  5. Glad you had a blast Stace, all de best to you for 2012, luv ya!!!!

  6. Happy New Year doux doux