Tuesday, January 31

I Can't do Without...


i got in my first accident that was my fault some Sundays ago.  In my 24 years of driving, it was the first time that i could blame noone but myself.  The right headlight was completely smashed and there were some scratches on the bumper, so i took the car in on Saturday to be fixed.  As a result, i have a rental right now.  Now, whenever i switch cars like that (get a rental, drive in someone else's car), one of the things that i  always try to remember (ESPECIALLY with the rental) is the handicapped decal!

so on Saturday, G and I cleaned out the car, handicapped decal and all and transferred to the rental.  I drive a Civic Coupe - the smaller the car (within reason), the better for me; we drove off the lot in an Impala - ugh - it just wasn't as comfortable for either of us (she drives my car way more than i do).  Anyway, so we hung the decal on the rearview mirror, but every time we put it up, it fell back down - it just wasn't hooking on as it should have, so we just left it on theground of the car; no need to fight it. 

Well we had to park at some time and i pulled into the handicap spot.  I stayed in the car while G got out to get some stuff.  While i was sitting there waiting, it occured to me that i should put the thing up even tho i  was sitting in the car.  Somehow i managed to hook the decal on properly so that it appeared to be a little more stable than it had been earlier, but the windows were down, so that was not helping the cause.  I turned up the passenger side window, but left mine down.  Everything was good until G got back to the car and opened the door...don't u know that decal went flying out the car!!!  Good thing it was with G because she had to go running behind it to get it.  Can you imagine if it had been me??  somebody else would be reaping my benefits because eh no way, i would have been able to catch it.

I can't imagine being without it - i really can't; it just makes so many things so much more convenient for me.  It's kinda like my cane, i can't imagine how i managed without it.

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  1. I can't imagine being without it either!