Thursday, January 19


so why is it that i cannot walk barefoot???  it's so odd to me!  walking without shoes is 1 of the hardest things that i ever have to do!!  so imagine doing it while going thru the airport security scanner!  ugh!!!
i remember when i first came to this country, i was staying with a few friends of Learls (my mother) and they told me that i should always be on the ready.  If i'm going to order something, know what it is i want, have my money ready and order without dilly dallying, you get the point.  so anytime that i know people are behind me waiting for me to get out of the way, i really try to be on top of my game - except of course when i'm just walking going somewhere; those times i move out of their way and let them pass because eh no "walking faster" happening around here.

traveling alone is not a problem; i have no issues doing it - except when i have to walk thru the security scanner!  where is the one place that EVERYBODY rushes?  thru the airport!  Years ago, i had a job there - i was the one pushing the wheelchairs and driving the carts up and down the concourse and it was always so funny to watch people rushing/pelting down the concourse and banging on the doors for the plane that took off 1/2 hr before.  People are always rushing! and then here i come just barely able to walk and stay upright because i have to take off my shoes AND put my cane under the bag scanner and i can't hold on to it for support either - i ALWAYS feel pressured; say what u want, it is what it is, i can't help it. 

Now i do have the option to be patted down instead while i remain seated in the chair but...i think i have a mental block of sorts against that (i can walk so i will walk thru the scanner sort of thing).  I have done it twice, but I'm not ready to make that decision to do it everytime.  So until then, i guess i will continue to feel pressured to make it thru the scanner without incident, while the person behind me taps his foot and looks at his watch waiting for me to get thru so that he can continue on his journey to catch that plane that has already gone!

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