Tuesday, January 3


has begun and i fell already; happened about 12:45am - great!  just great!!  i'm off to a bang up start of the year.

i'm not big into making resolutions or anything like that.  I always think about what the year might have in store for me "MS wise".  in fact, i normally think about that and wonder..."hmmm, will things be any different by the end of the year than how they are now?  what could potentially happen this year?"  last year, i had 2 nasty/scary falls - 1 in February and the other in April.  will history repeat itself this year?  will i have other things to suffer thru?  of course, with MS, it's possible to suffer thru those thoughts on a day to day basis (will everything be alright when i wake up tomorrow morning) but i tend to mainly focus year to year...only time will tell but i am always hopeful. 

Of course, with the new year comes a new cycle of insurance issues, copays, coinsurance payments etc.  gotta love that happening right?  it's funny, now that i'm "sick" i'm a PRO at all things to do with insurance.  I used to think that insurance was the biggest rip off ever.  now?  not so much!  boy am i glad that i have it and from some stories that i've heard/read, i have pretty good insurance too.  i guess it goes back to the fact that i understand how it works and can REALLY appreciate what it does for me.

Anyhoo, i cyah bother lose too much sleep over it.  what is to be will be - i can't do a whole helluva lot about it.  I'll  continue working out, eating properly and enjoying life to the fullest to keep shit at bay but...
Right now, i'm looking forward to my birthday because "they" say "life begins at ___ ".  I'm celebrating this one in a bigger than usual fashion - should be a BLAST!!!



  1. Looking forward to it!! Dis go be a bess lime.

  2. Happy New Year, Advance Happy Big?0 Birthday. 2012 will be just fine for you, stay sweet Love YA, Uncle O