Monday, January 23

Let the Games Begin!

so the woes have already started for the year.  Luckily this turned out okay, but they have started nonetheless.  My infusion was scheduled for 1/20.  On 1/19 around 3ish (!), i got a call from an associate at the MSCA (where they are performed) stating that i will need to reschedule because a new thing with my insurance company is that all MS drugs have to be approved and they hadn't received my authorization as yet. 

okay, i guess (i hope they approve and are not tired of spending money on me) - well while we were trying to figure out a good time for me to reschedule, we found out that i was out of compliance as far as timing is concerned!  eh??  how did that happen?  the infusions need to be done every 28 days (give or take 3 days)...i was already into my 10th day out of compliance.  Granted i was out of town on the 28th day, but shouldn't the scheduler have taken that into consideration??  it's not for me to keep up is it?  right at the time that i could have started complaining, i realized that i was supposed to be on a conference call at work, so i told the chick that i would call back to reschedule.

An hour later, i called back and long story short, was told that they'd gotten authorization.  i found that hard to believe and i asked that person if she was ABSOLUTELY sure that the authorization was received for me because if not, u know what that meant?  i would have to pay for the infusion myself because surely the claim would be denied.  She was absolutely sure and i went on 1/20 acc. to plan, but i was still skeptical...

hopefully there is not more to this story

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  1. Lawd fadda put a hand........and I thought I had worries.