Wednesday, May 8


i was standing in line on Monday to fill a prescription and the lady who was being helped either had a whole lot of questions or liked to talk because she was taking forever.  i was eating some cheese rice cakes and just as i'd put one with alot of cheese dust in my mouth, i heard someone say in my ear, "good grief!  U think she's asking about all the medications behind the counter?"  of course, like i said i had just placed a dusty rice cake in my mouth, so i didn't want to bust out laughing because it wouldna been pretty - it was the lady behind me and she was also wondering y the hell it was taking so bloody long...we laughed and i was able to not blow a cheese cloud in her face.

anyhoo, finally the lady being helped was done and it was my turn and of course, there was a problem.  long story short, the lady behind me walked up and started talking to the attendant too, so i said, "oh, so now u just going to cut in front of me???"  she responded with something witty, we laughed and started talking a little.  i was in the grocery so i was using the handy dandy motorized cart and when she said something about laughing and making reference to what was wrong with me, i said, "yes, well in my situation i have to laugh sometimes."  i shared that i had MS and then she shared that she was there for her epilepsy medication because "watching a seizure just a'int no fun.  I've never actually seen it but so i've heard.  MS...i really don't know which one's worse."  I couldn't agree more...i told her about my mother's theory that if we were allowed to put all our diseases in a barrel and pick out another, we would reach in and pick the same one we initially put in.  Diseases!  they're ALL WRETCHED!

so after i didn't get my prescription, i go to my car and as i'm walking to it, i realize "ah shit! the car next to me on my side is kinda close (there were no handicapped spots when i got there so the spot i was in didn't have the extra space i'm used to).  i knew i wouldn't be able to open my door all the way and i NEED that.  i was actually able to open my door halfway without banging it against the car (okay good, that's one step) but try as i might, i couldn't get my left foot into my car! GREAT!  luckily for me the driver was sitting in the car still, so i had to get her attention and ask her to reverse a little, just so that i could open my door all the way, get my foot in and be on my way.  of course, i had to laugh at myself...couldn't help it.

happy happy joy times with Stacey!


  1. I had to laugh at your cheese puff dust cloud description. Nice job keeping it to yourself!

  2. I'll never be able to eat a cheese rice cake again without laughing and imagining the cheese cloud!