Monday, May 13


LOL.  unbelievable...

i have NEVER seen my vein protrude/stand up at attention like it did on Friday when i went in for my 1st rounds of steroids.  it was unbelievable...Anita went as far as to call over the other nurses to "look at this! wow..come see, come see.  this has never happened in here before".  it was unreal!

anyway, so it was administered; there were no issues although the 1 thing that i forgot bout the process is that it leaves one helluva NASTY metallic taste in ur mouth.  it's almost like everything jes tastes bitter for a while after...i ate a few pieces of candy to see if that would make a difference and it did but only for as long as it was in my mouth.  for a few hrs after, i still had that bitter after taste hanging around.  say what, small price to pay.

so far, so good...nothing else to report


  1. I just started SoluMedrol today for five days. This time was the first I had heard about the fact(?) that cinnamon candy helps with that nasty steroid after-taste. It's never been a real issue for me, but I took a few cinnamon candies home with me anyway. Who doesn't like Jolly Ranchers?

  2. Yes! Jolly Ranchers! I plowed through a bag of those during a course of steroids. That metallic taste is very unpleasant. Also: Gatorade. Oh, but the constant need to pee. Steroids work wonders but have crap side effects.

  3. i must remember the Jolly Ranchers for next time....come to think of it it was an apple jolly rancher that did the trick on friday. i will stock up on some cinnamon ones on the 31st. there is a candy basket in the infusion room but since i dont want to eat out all theirs, i'll walk with my own stash.

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