Friday, May 10

and the Games Have Started

yesterday morning i got a call from a pharmacy...still not sure WHAT pharmacy but the chick said that the pharmacy works with Biogen (the maker of Tecfidera) and supplies patients with the drug.  so i told her that MY pharmacy is Caremark and i usually work with them to get my medication shipped etc etc. She responded that HER pharmacy partners with Biogen to

"supply patients who have been approved to participate in the "Quick Start" programme with the drug...and you have been approved!"  
"wait!  wha???  Quick wha??"  i had no idea what she was talking about.  so i said, 
"so are you all going to talk to Caremark so that i'm not paying for 2 sets of drugs and getting multiple shipments?  i didn't sign up for this."  
that's when she told me that i won't have to pay for the drug because the patients on the quick start program are the ones whose insurance are not paying for the drug and Biogen will supply for free.

Well now i'm more confused!  i swear Caremark automated service has been calling me every friggin day to set up the drug shipment; i'm not sure just how many representatives i've told that my doctor wants to start the ting in June!!  and i've already confirmed that my copay is $50 and i was placed on the list for the special $10 copay program so i'm not sure what the ass is really going on!

so...bottom line - she is going to call me back on 5/28 by which time i should have spoken to Caremark to set up shipment, confirm payment etc so i'll be able to tell her whether or not to send me the drug.  I named this post "and the games have started" but hopefully everything will work out at the end of the month.

*SMH*'s really all i can do

btw, today is my first steroid session.  i really am just keeping my fingers, eyes, toes, legs crossed that i have no kinda setback and things go as well as they can going forward.

Ah gone so...allyuh hol it dong and have a great weekend!


  1. Feeling your pain! I've switched insurance three times since starting on MS meds; each time has been a nightmare with insurance and pharmacies. I swear they try to make it difficult because they don't want to pay...

    1. i THINK my insurance is going to pay, i could be wrong, but when my own pharmacy called, noone indicated that there might have been a problem...but i guess only time will tell. ugh!!

      but yes, insurance companies do make it difficult for us sometimes but i cyah lie, i really havent had alot of problems with mine (once i learned how things worked - i used to complain bitterly before that)

  2. i have an appointment on Thursday to figure out if I will be put on the new med. My insurance doesn't currently cover any of the DMD's which sorta sucks. But hopefully Biogen will help me out.... I hate this dance we have to do in the hopes of improving our life and slowing the disease.... I hate it.

    1. i hope that u are approved to use it and Biogen helps you out. good luck!!!