Thursday, May 9

Cooler Fete This Year

dare i look forward to this?  setups!  it's indoors this year (that sucks) so they have absolutely NO reason to shut it down do they?  will the asshole, moronic cop (i have come to the realization that cops are MORONS) whose sole purpose in life is to find out where cooler fete is every year (u cyah tell me he doh exist) and make life miserable for those of us who go and have high hopes every, flippin, year find a reason?  yeah he will...probably will say that we obstructing the road because of the parking situation or something.  i'll keep u posted...

1 comment:

  1. I swear if they shut we down this year........oh who am I kidding, I'll be back at it again next year....LMAO!!