Thursday, May 16

my Conversation - smh

earlier went like this...

hi...this is Caremark specialty pharmacy calling for Stacey
hi, it's Stacey
I'm callin about your upcoming order to see if you're ready to schedule a shipment
(WOW! someone is actually calling me in my head) (out loud) oh...ok, sure...oh wait, which medication is this?
uhm...let's see here.  Ampyra
my heart sank...this is normal, just not an automated call this month

we discussed the ampyra and then i asked about Tecfidera (oh boy.  i figured i might as well schedule it now because i'll wake up tomorrow morning and it'll be June)...he had to transfer me and placed me on hold.  of course

8 minutes later...

someone else answered and original fella was GONE so i had to explain myself all over again (of course)...and i won't give u all the details but my question was,
"can i schedule my shipment now and how much is my copay?"
"looks like ur copay is $50 for this medication"
" i was supposed to have been approved for the $10 copay program"...(deciding to take in front), i continued, "i spoke to Biogen and they were supposed to have sent whatever approval to u"
"oh, let me check" she says..."oh yes, it's been downloaded to ur file, so the copay is $10."

so...i wonder.  if the shit was already downloaded to my file, why the hell did i have to ask for it before she told me that the copay was $10???  i know they doh give a damn about me and is really up to me to be diligent but geez, does it always have to be difficult, can't anything be smooth and easy???

i guess i shouldn't complain.  the shipment will arrive on 6/4 and i'm only paying $10!  let's keep things in perspective after all.


  1. getting on these medications is such a huge pain in the ass! i don't understand why they want to make it so flippin difficult. i mean, we are already stressed out, many of us have cognitive issues, and yet they do what they can to confuse and muck up the process.... sheesh! LOL

    i'm glad you wrote about this.. i am going to be double sure they get my stuff right when i finally get going

  2. Ugh, yes, it is a pain in the ass. I can't help but feel as if the insurance companies make it difficult on purpose, as they don't really to pay for these expensive drugs. Maybe they're hoping we'll just say, "Forget it, keep your damn drugs!"? I've been tempted, for sure...