Tuesday, May 28

Well Wouldn't u Know it...


cooler fete 2013 was NOT shut down..we partied and had a good time till 6am the next morning and weren't bothered at all by the morons :-)

hopefully the promoters will continue having the party in that place going forward and the fete will get back its good vibe that it's been lacking for the past few years.  i used my scooter and it was FULLY initiated - it wine dong d place (and get wine on), drank alcohol and even had a doubles or 2 - lol...all in all a rhell good time.

Nothing to report on the MS front...i go back for my 2nd steroid treatment on Friday and start Tecfidera next week.

On another note.  got a phone call today asking me when was my last infusion and shouldn't i be thinking about scheduling May's infusion right about now?  the call was from THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CALLED THE LAST TIME TO SCHEDULE THE TECFIDERA!!!!!!!!!!!!  oh my goodness - the shit is right there "in your computer" (as the people say).  i'm happy to report that i didn't get my panties in a bunch, i didn't have any attitude.  i just rolled my eyes, sighed inside and answered the lady's questions.  one of the questions she asked me was, "did you talk to your doctor about this?"...sigh.

i know allyuh feel i make this shit up but i swear to u, it's the truth.

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