Thursday, April 18

MS Walk 2013 (fuh real this time)

so, like i said before everyone who came out had a great time!  it required some of us to wake up much earlier than we wanted to on a Saturday morning but it was all for a good cause.  I want to thank everybody for coming out again and also want to thank those who didn't but wanted to; i rhelly cyah ask for more supportive friends/family.  the jerseys  turned out great - thank you Citttizen!! could not have done it without your support either.


yup. i sprayed my hair orange just for the occasion

(Almost all of) d Limerz Crew

Once again, he eh get no T-Shirt!

OBs and Learls weren't at the walk but they sported their tees that Saturday am !

cittizen supporting MS/me supporting cittizen


  1. It was so wonderful seeing you ad your crew! Loved the shirts ~ you are all FABULOUS!!

    1. :-) thanks Claire. I'm glad i got to see u all too!