Wednesday, April 10

Annette Funicello

The first time i'd ever heard this name was on the news on Monday(?).  Annette died from complications she suffered as a result of Multiple Sclerosis.  So, i decided to look her up and see what the complications were.  i never found out exactly, but i did find this video and after looking at it, i really don't need to know what the complications were.  Her story was heartbreaking and i wondered afterward if i should have watched it (even tho, i couldn't/didn't want to stop watching).

Every time i see things like this/hear other people's stories, i i want to always be realistic and know everything about the disease and hear these extreme stories?  is it better to be blissfully ignorant of what COULD potentially happen?  the reality is that this is Multiple Sclerosis - at its absolute worst yes, but this is the disease!

take a look if you want; it's bout 10 mins long...

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