Friday, April 5

the Latest and Today's Ole Talk

so my recent "happenings" right thumb moves on its own.  just a small movement, like a (continuous) flicking motion (about 2 mm or so).  last week when i started noticing it, it actually happened all day long from that moment.  it's also quick movements's annoying but nothing else.  actually, honestly it isn't happening as much anymore.  is it the MS?  hell if i know, but it insist on hanging around, so it's getting blamed!  it's extremely annoying when i play this game on my phone because i would position my thumb where i want a ball/thing to drop and then my thumb jerks and the thing goes where i don't want it to go - steups!

One of the reasons that i stopped writing for those couple months too is that i got tired of writing about being sick and falling!  remember i said at the beginning of 2012 that i would keep up with my falls?  well i did and it actually was 12 - i think...i'm almost sure it was 12 (ugh! great!  1 a month).  i was doing rhell good this year, for the most part, and then fell twice last weekend.  so far for this year it's been 3 but i can honestly say that i can only blame the MS for 1 - the other times, i was doing shit that i should not have, altho maybe without the MS, i woulda been able to "catch myself"?  i'm not keeping up this year (it could get depressing after a while) but it has been 3 (off to a bang up start).

i go in for infusion #38 next week; i plan for that to be my last - WOOHOO!!  i won't be able to start the ball rolling to go on BG12 (it actually has a new name now) i don't think because i won't actually see my doctor but i should be able to get all my questions answered so that i can hit the ground running when i do see him in May.  We've already spoken about it too so I expect no surprises/push back/pressha from him; he actually wants me to switch.

anyhoo, ah gone so...have a great weekend everyone!


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  2. I stopped posting on my blog for a while too. Congrats on the last infusion, I hope the BG12 works for you!

  3. Please keep us posted on the BG12 (or whatever it's called!).