Wednesday, April 3

2 Things I've Learned

so my left side, for whatever reason, is the more MS afflicted side.

  • i drag my left leg, it's always the stiffer one, it's the one that i have more trouble to lift (say to get into a car amongst other things).
  • My left hand is the one that likes to curl up and give me shit to open. 
nothing really going on with the right arm or leg.  

I'm not sure if i mentioned that my last trainer decided to ups and leave GA and move to NY, so at the end of the year last year i was desperately looking for a new trainer - almost reaching panic stage because:
  1.  that arthritis (?) ad kept playing in my head, "a body in motion, stays in motion while a body at rest, stays at rest - they are trying to encourage people with arthritis to stay active and get on some pill - and i really want to stay in motion
  2. will i be able to afford a new trainer???  i was getting a friends and family deal with Rhonnel!  
well, say what you want about Facebook, it's good for some things, i finally got a trainer who i could afford.  So i s'pose everybody does things their way and would you believe that i've discovered, working out with her, that my LEFT side is actually stronger than my RIGHT?!?!  who woulda thunk it? certainly not me!  wow!

onto the 2nd thing...who out there knows exactly how tall a chair must be for them to be able to sit on and get up from it easily?  ME, that's who!  i've discovered that if a chair is 18 inches tall, i can easily sit on it and when it's time to get up, i don't need any help whatsoever - woohoo!  Don't get me wrong, it's not that i always need help with other heights, it's just that 18 is the magic number :-)

ah gone so...hol it dong...

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  1. For me it's the right side, stemming from a really bad relapse about 5 years ago. We'd make quite a team!