Monday, April 1


Trinis are very proud of where we're from and who we are as a people.

Here in Atlanta, the ones who are in constant contact with each other support one another as much as we can and it's always like that, for the most part.  as a result, this year i was thinking, "hmmm...wonder if there's a way to get my shirts for the walk from home/support a business at home this year".  the wheels started turning and i did just that; found a way to connect at home to get them straight from Trinidad.  in the middle of the planning/trying to make it work, I got an email from B (who lives at home) asking me if i'd gotten T-Shirts for the walk this year already and if i had, he had something in mind that maybe, i could think about for the future.  As it turns out, my original plan was only half going somewhere so i decided to work with B.

After some emails back and forth, the "marriage" between Stax and cittizen™ occurred.  cittizen™is "an apparel brand celebrating and commenting on all things Trinbagonian" and as you can see from their logo on their site, the focus is on "trini centric apparel".  what better company would i, a Trini living away from home, want to work with to create/produce my T-Shirts.  

You may have noticed their logo at the top of my blog; it actually links to their website.  Make a visit and check out their garb; i've already seen one that i want.  it's a picture of the red, black and white fingerprint - daiz BOSS.


  1. Oh, that's cool! So glad you found cittizen! It'll make your shirts so much more special.

  2. Lordy I live here and this the first I am hearing of them. Hangs head in shame. Good stuff though.

    1. well hey, now u need to hang ur head in shame at all!

    2. Hey Stax says, "Now u know". Love your 1000 Faces project too.
      Check Cittizen out on facebook, twitter, and our website,
      In th emeantime, we'll be looking out for more new "faces".

  3. Hey Stax! Let us know how things go today.