Monday, August 30

Today's Post Brought To U By The Number "1"

well wouldn't u know it...

Friday was my infusion (time really does fly) and guess how many times i got stuck?  ONE!!!!  she did it in 1 go...who woulda THUNK it!  I certainly didn't think it was possible after all my experiences so far.  AND, i think i've also discovered the most comfortable position too.  I think i've mentioned before, i would have never thought in a million years that i would entertain the top of my wrist (that nice bony part) - but there is the most comfortable - i can bend, move my hand freely without any issues.  I sit there for about 2 - 2.5 hrs easily so it's good to be able to move my arm comfortably.

Still don't know what, if anything, these needle pricks are doing anything for me - but hey, i guess i'll keep enduring them for now.

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