Tuesday, August 24


I am beginning to believe that I experience some anxiety when i need to be out and about sometimes.  I went out Friday nite and at times i was unbelievably unsteady; had to hold on to people and everything but as soon as I got home - no problems.  it's a pain in my ass....but...

On the flip side tho, i was out and about Saturday by myself and didn't have any problems really.  sometimes, i wonder if a cane will help me any, but then i have a vision of me and the cane catspraddling (falling in an unladylike manner) down the sidewalk; something that i'd rather not have to ever live thru *gasp*! 

I really don't think that a cane will help me any because i'll just be unsteady with it too, so for now, i will just continue to hold on to somebody else when i can and walk ever so slowly/take my time so as to not keel over when i can't.

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