Monday, August 2


I'm a PRO at these infusions now.  #3 was last week Friday - everything went well; no worries, stress nothing.  I fell asleep while it was doing its thing and I even went out later that nite!  Of course, the head nurse (i'm a problem child, so she is the only one who takes care of me) still hasn't figured my veins out...but this time i only had to get stuck twice as opposed to 3x the last time.  It's amazing the places that they go into as well - i woulda never thought that i would actually entertain using the bony side of my wrist!

I still can't say if the medication is working or even doing anything...but the good news is that nothing is getting worse and nothing new is happening.  I also confirmed without a doubt on this last visit that i am anaemic.  I would love to know how that happened all of a sudden and i can't blame the Tysabri because my iron started getting low before i started on it.  I haven't experienced any of the classic reasons for iron deficiency - major blood loss being the most significant - and there really isn't any explanation for it, but hey!  i'm dealing with it and it's not such a major issue to lose any sleep over.

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