Friday, July 23

:-) More Warm Fuzzies :-)

G has not been here for the past week and a half.  I have a weekly appointment that she normally drives me to because I'm not sure if I can drive home when i leave it yet.  So i had to find a driver yesterday.  I asked SD in the morning and he was able to do it.  I'll be honest - i hated asking him because i think i've said before, i don't like having to depend on nor do i want to be a bother to anyone.  I plan to drive home the next time I go so that I can get a feel for if I can go by myself in the future. 

Well i mentioned to SD and naturally i get bouff (chastised).  He told me to "don't be stupid!", "stop acting up!", "u should depend on us just like we depend on u" and "stop being so sensitive!".  I have to admit, it made me smile.  It DOES feel good to know that I have friends on whom i can depend at any given time and I am really not a bother.  I can't help it tho - i really hate to have to ask anyone for favours because I like to be able to go where i want when i want but I know that in my situation, that cannot always be the case.  

It's good to know that my friends are there for me IF/WHEN i need them and we're all going thru this together.


  1. Hi S.S-O,
    That's what friends are there for, enjoy the friendship and love.

  2. Ahm... Is that SD in the picture? :)

  3. Okay, so I am slow...over a year slow. I had no idea you had a blog. It has been amazing reading back ... I always thought you were an amazing woman, and this only confirms it.

    Miss seeing you out and about...Hopefully our paths will cross again very soon!

  4. I'm so glad SD put you in your place!

  5. thanks Chris!

    WHATEVER my girl! :-)