Thursday, July 15


What is it about when u know about somehing u hear more and more about it?  For instance, you decide to buy a G35 and all of a sudden those are the only cars on the road (btw...i really think Stax4 is going to be a G35 coupe, but that's a story for another day).  I was diagnosed in 2005 - none of my friends knew about MS, none of my family (cept maybe the doctors and nurses amongst us) knew about it.  i was the pioneer - wanted to be first and foremost - kinda like when i got my ticket...I was in front winning the race!

Now, every 2 minutes i look around, either someone else i know is being diagnosed or someone i know knows someone else.  It's become the "in" thing.  It's just kinda amazing to me how many people i've heard of who have Multiple Sclerosis.  I guess in the grand scheme of things the doctors are getting smarter afterall and a diagnosis is no longer taking years and years to make.

Makes you wonder...since so much progress has been made with diagnoses, maybe there might actually be hope for their figuring out the root cause and a cure might not be too far behind.  Go figure!


  1. It's progress in the making.

  2. ... such a trend setter, you! :) I agree though... with the numbers steadily increasing, the urgency for a cure is also increasing.