Wednesday, July 21

Warm Fuzzies

It always gives me a "warm fuzzy" feeling when i am complimented on this blog.  Never in a million years would i have thought that:
  1. it would be easy
  2. i wouldn't mind people reading - i was skeptical at first because i thought that it would need to be perfect - HAH!
  3. people would actually enjoy it
Someone asked me once if it will ever evolve into something else where i just talk about other shit going on and the answer is no! (kudos to those who do) I'm not that it won't ever evolve into that altho i will say that i don't always have something to talk about related to my MS story.

Some people have told me that it makes them laugh...and then in the same breath, they apologise (i guess for laughing).  But i always say to those folk, it's okay to laugh.  Sometimes all I can do is laugh.  Laughter is  the best way for me to handle all the shit that happens sometimes - if I don't laugh i will sit here and bawl down the place.  So it's good to laugh - sometimes I laugh when i re-read some posts.  I know that they are not laughing at the fact that i have MS, it's just how i've written the post and i want u to laugh NOT sit and feel sorry for me.

So read up, laugh - laugh hard (I do...sometimes i think i have the loudest laugh of anyone i know) and ENJOY!


  1. I'm so glad you are getting such great feedback! Super cool!

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